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Water Filters – Top Benefits of installing and using for commercial purpose



 Access to clean drinking water is very important to human health.  Thanks to technology, there are quite a few ways to find clean water.  One of the easiest ways to use water filters – there are several kinds available on the market and with different levels of filtration.  People can invest in a filtration system based on where they live and what they need for commercial purpose.  Here’s a look at some of the benefits of getting a home filtration system installed.

Benefits of water filters in office environment:

  • Clean water to employee: One doesn’t have to worry about the quality of water they are drinking in office environment. Consumers get to exercise total control on what they ingest. Buying bottled water is an option but not viable for many, for the long term.  The first step in the process is to get water in the home tested and identify contaminants so that one can invest in the right kind of water filter.
  • Environmental safety: Packaged and bottled water comes from different parts of a country. The easiest way to ensure that one has access to clean water is to get a filtration system installed and get clean water at source. In the long term, plastic degrades and leaches chemicals into the water, which can harm the consumer.
  • Saving money: Water filters are much cheaper in the long run, even taking into consideration electricity needed to operate the system, buying cartridges etc. For under $60 one can get a countertop filter which lasts close to a year.
  • Emergency situations: There will always be situations like natural disasters where one will need to use only bottled water. A water filter/purifier is the easiest way to access clean water during emergencies.
  • Bacterial growth: Very often, old pipes could and leaks can contaminate water supply en route from treatment plants to homes and offices.
  • Hard water: Hard water often contains minerals and sediments. They may not be harmful to health but tend to leave stains on appliances and buildup in pipes.
  • Plumbing pipes and chemicals: Many cities and states are revamping pipes in many buildings and homes. Lead pipes for instance, leach lead into drinking water and have adverse health effects.
  • Allergies: Many water treatment plants in cities around the world use chlorine to deal with bacteria and other issues. Too much chlorine can cause allergies and dry skin most employees and people with sensitive skin.  Chlorine is a chemical which gets absorbed by the skin and can cause serious health issues.
  • Cancerous chemicals: Frequent testing has revealed that a lot of drinking water provided by cities contains a lot of chemicals which are supposed to disinfect and end up forming chemicals like trihalomethanes etc. which are well known to be cancer causing agents. Many of them are also known to cause kidney problems and other serious health issues.
  • Presidential Panel recommendations: Many US presidents along with the EPA have recommended that people start using water filters to reduce exposure to cancer causing agents.

Considerations While Choosing Water Filters

Water filters are touted to be one of the best and greatest assets for every business filed across the globe. Whether your business dwell in a rural area or are settled in the urban part of the country, finding pure drinking water is hard to find in today’s world. This is where there stands an imperative need to own a water filter such that you can have pure water at all hours. Gone are the days where you had to rely on water suppliers each time you wanted to drink else settle with the direct tap water; today, with these water filters you can very easily have pure and safe drinking water at all times in your office.

Choosing water filters is a big decision as it is for the healthy consideration of the employee working in an organization. You are bound to get puzzled as to which system to go for, which brand is a quality one, as there are too many purification brands present in the market. You can choose from a wide range of carbon or reverse osmosis filtration systems, ultraviolet technology, whole house filters, etc. Among them, which is the one most suitable for you is although a difficult decision, but a little bit of effort can get you the right one. You need to learn about each of the systems thoroughly before purchasing one. However, this is not an arduous task!

Ultraviolet Light Technology Purifiers

The most important thing that you need to consider is which contaminants you are going to remove from the water. Do you want to get rid of bacteria and chemicals like chlorine? Ultraviolet light technology is the most reasonable choice when your aim is to get the water free of bacteria. This type of water purification systems work effectively to create a block for bacteria and any other organisms from contaminating the water. But the purifiers that run on ultraviolet light technology do not remove chemicals.

Carbon Filters and Reverse Osmosis

You should know that the water filters that use carbon filters or reverse osmosis will other than removing chemicals also get the water free of harmful contaminants. If you make a comparison between the effectiveness of both carbon filters and reverse osmosis technologies, then reverse osmosis definitely holds an upper hand as it is capable of removing a wide range of chemicals. However, none of them can get the water free of bacteria. So the sole decision of whether you want to remove chemicals or bacteria will depend on you.

Location of the Purifier

You should know about where to place your purification system. The faucet mount or counter-top purifiers are available in the market only as carbon filter technology. You will get reverse osmosis or carbon filtering manufacturers that offer under the sink systems. However, both of them need carbon filtering for efficacious treatment.

Whole H2O purifiers and under the sink models require expert installation and maintenance on a regular basis. Look out on the internet to find more information regarding your home purification system. 


It is a good thing that awareness is being raised about different issues and people are proactively taking steps to safeguard their health.  Technology is making new products available to people to help them in that process. Government agencies like the EPA are putting regulations in place to not only reduce but also eliminate many chemicals from being used, ones which can leach into groundwater from use in farms.


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